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Get a Dyscalculia Test today! Why wait?

We have never heard a parent say: ” I should have waited longer to get my child tested”.

We often hear “I should have done this test years/months ago”.

Why wait for the school or the availability of a Psychologist or Educational Diagnostician when you can find out now if there is an issue that could be a Math Learning Disability or Dyscalculia.

We are passionate about helping children get identified as soon as possible because the remediation will take less time and will be more successful. Also your child will  not have to go through years/months of agony in Math Class but be supported right away.

This is a low-cost ($27.50) online option, developed to get Parents and Teachers an easy way to screen for the Math Learning Disability or Dyscalculia. Read further on this site about the flexibility that is built in and the time it will take you to do the test.


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Read more about the test HERE or click below to start now. (This should only be done from a PC, not from a phone or tablet)

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