Math and Dyscalculia Testing

About Us

Dr. Schreuder is a Dutch educated Pediatrician and Neonatologist, and did her PhD in the area of Epidemiology.

Her study and work have brought her to Hospitals and Research Centers in South Africa, The Netherlands, Oxford University in the UK and the University of Texas in Houston.

She is a consultant for various schools and helps private clients who suffer from dyscalculia, the math learning disability. She is a regular speaker at Professional Development days for teachers or for other interested groups. She volunteered at Neuhaus and a fMRI study at UT and was trained as a tutor at UT. The tutoring experience brought back fond memories of her first student job as a Math tutor.

Her ebook is available on Amazon HERE, her 5 part series webinars can be found HERE and her weekly Podcast can be found HERE.

Her Motto is: Math is my passion, Awareness, Communication, Research and Re-mediation of Dyscalculia is my mission.

The online Math and Dyscalculia Screener Test is a service to those who want to know if they could have a Math Learning Disability or Dyscalculia.

For full evaluation and complete recommendations about accommodation at school and a thorough gap analysis of the Math knowledge of the student we would have to do one of the assessments as offered at our main website and always done in person. Click here for more.